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Restaurant Review: Agave & Rye

I had the pleasure of attending the preview opening of Indy’s newest restaurant Agave & Rye. The Cincinnati-based Mexican fusion restaurant chose the CityWay area of downtown for its first location in Indy.

As I entered through the doors of the restaurant, I quickly observed that I was not in a traditional Mexican restaurant. The sounds of Lady Gaga and P!NK blasted from the speakers adding to the fun ambiance of the establishment – which also contains a small arcade.

The restaurant was slammed, but the staff at Agave & Rye were attentive and professional, walking my party of four through the menu and offering up some of their favorite selections.

We began our meal with an order of chips and guacamole as well as the Birria Irish Nachos. The chips and guac were the first to arrive and the taste was spot on. The homemade chips were delicious as was the guac. My only complaint about this is that the guacamole was served in a paper bowl. I was expecting the presentation to be a bit more elevated. The Irish nachos were unique to say the least. Instead of traditional nachos, they use fries. The slow roasted Birria aka beef was delicious as was the queso and bacon accompanying the dish.

Our entrees consisted of tacos of course. All four of us ordered The Crown Jewel taco, which was filled with buttery lobster, shitake mushrooms and Mac N Cheese and topped with fried green onions. The lobster was delicious and paired well with the mushrooms. I did find that the Mac N Cheese was in need of something. It didn’t have much seasoning and didn’t really do much for the taco.

My favorite item of the night was The Bomb taco, prepared with carne asada, Bourbon-pouched shrimp, BBQ jam and tobacco onions. The flavors paired very well together, and I couldn’t stop eating this taco, which I ordered sans Mac N Cheese. This place loves their Mac N Cheese!

Overall, I thought Agave & Rye was a nice addition to downtown. The price point is a bit high especially compared to traditional Mexican restaurants. The tacos average around $9-$10 per taco and you’ll need 2 for dinner. They are quite large, so it could be fun to order a few for the table and share them all.

I would definitely return to try some of their other items and possibly a cocktail, which I skipped that evening. It was a school night!

For more info, and to view their complete menu, visit

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