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Newfields Debuts New Exhibition called Artists Among Us featuring Art by Employees

Now open at Newfields, is the first-ever all-staff exhibition called Artists Among Us, with works created entirely by Newfields employees. The new exhibition features 72 original works of art across 21 different departments. For the inaugural show, a promenade on Floor 1 of the Indianapolis Museum of Art has been transformed to feature a rotation of beauty, creativity and brilliance at Newfields.

“During my first few months at Newfields, I have actively listened to the many employees that bring Newfields to life. Through this process, I discovered the talent, passion, depth, and skill we have and wanted to find a way to showcase this for our Newfields community and our guests,” said Dr. Colette Pierce Burnette, Newfields President and CEO. “This exhibition is just the beginning of our journey, and it is so powerful and energizing to see our staff come together to showcase the Artists Among Us exhibition.”

A wide range of media and styles are present in Artists Among Us, including paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, textile arts, found objects and written word. The diverse materials and approaches reflect the breadth and depth of the exceptional minds at Newfields.

Below are a few reflections from the artists themselves:

“This has been such an incredible opportunity. I am the nerd who counted that my painting is approximately 150 steps from Van Gogh on the second floor. I have shed tears that my painting is even in the same building,” said Stacy Arnold, Guest Experience LUME Associate. “It feels incredible to be taken seriously as an employee here and to see not only mine, but my coworkers amazing work.”

“I was very excited to participate in this exhibition. I think many of the people who work here are artists and work here to stay connected to the art world,” said Kalita López, Processing Archivist. “We are all very excited to have our artwork displayed in the actual museum.”

“I am very grateful to Dr. Burnette and the Collection Support team for making this wish a reality for the staff. There are so many amazing artists working right here, but they rarely get time to shine,” said Clifford Graham, Training and Safety Supervisor. “I am personally excited to share my creative passion with the public and see how it is received and how it makes the viewer feel.”

Artists Among Us is an opportunity for guests to get to know Newfields staff, beyond their work bringing life to exhibitions, programs and festivals at Newfields. The exhibition content will rotate out periodically to incorporate new artwork from staff who are interested in participating.

The inaugural show will run from December 9, 2022 through May 21, 2023 in the DeBoest Lecture Hallway on Floor 1 of the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) at Newfields. Access to Floor 1 is free and open to the public during regular operating hours Tuesday through Sunday.

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