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It’s Game on as Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience Launches Season Seven

Race into an action-packed adventure at Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience®, as it kicks off its seventh season on March 16, 2024, at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Spanning 7.5 acres, this outdoor sports extravaganza offers more than a dozen sports experiences for rookies and all-stars alike. From basketball to soccer, each miniaturized sport provides age-appropriate equipment and hands-on activities, fostering teamwork and family bonding.

More than just a fun outing, it is a holistic approach to family health and fitness. Dr. Enzley Mitchell, Director of Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience, emphasizes its role in instilling a love of sport and lifelong lessons in children of all abilities. “Through “my-sized” sports and inclusive, family fun, coaches at the Sports Legends Experience encourage a lifelong love of sport in children of all ages and abilities. It is a starting line where little legends-in-training can learn meaningful lessons, begin healthy habits and make lasting memories with their family and closest friends,” said Enzley.

Indiana Pacers and Fever Basketball Experience

Boom baby! Basketball enthusiasts of all ages are invited to step onto the court and hone their skills, from tiny tots to towering adults. With 17 hoops ranging in height from toddler to regulation-sized, everyone can find their perfect fit. Hand-imprinted balls guide little ones while digital shot clocks add excitement to the challenge. From mastering passes to sinking baskets, families enjoy friendly competitions and drills on courts tailored to their height and abilities.

Indianapolis Colts Football Experience

Are you ready for some football? Families run onto the field and practice offensive and defensive moves just like the pros on professional-grade turf. From hurdling over padded tackle dummies, to mastering passing and kicking challenges, kids and their grownups can hone their skills and perfect their touchdown dances. Whether learning proper football grips or dodging opponents, this interactive zone offers a comprehensive introduction to the game. With goalposts for both little kickers and big kickers, everyone can try their hand (or foot) at scoring field goals. The football-related skills are varied and have a wide range of athleticism involved. Running, throwing, kicking and catching help encourage children to find a variety of activities to get their heart rate up and to break a sweat which are the keys for kids to live a healthy and active lifestyle. For fun receiving drills, a coach will stand in front and pass over the defenders. Then the receiver can stretch out and dive to catch the football. This immersive experience ensures a fun and educational day on the gridiron for all ages.

Indy Fuel Hockey Experience

From sippy cup to Stanley Cup – hockey draws a wide age range of the most passionate and loyal fans and players of any sport. Future hockey legends will not have to hit the ice here to start learning the fundamentals of the game. Players are encouraged to practice stick handling, passing, and shooting with precision using full-sized and junior-sized equipment and goals. Rule the rink and hone your skills in this immersive hockey experience, complete with blue lines and face-off circles.

Indy Eleven Soccer Experience

Whether you fancy yourself as the next soccer star or simply want to enjoy some goal-kicking fun, this interactive zone offers multiple opportunities to highlight your fancy footwork. Practice dribbling, passing, and scoring goals at assorted sizes of nets, imagining yourself as either the forward or the goalkeeper. With a focus on footwork and finesse, participants of all ages can enjoy the excitement of soccer while learning about professional techniques.

The Hall Family Dragstrip 

The thrill of drag racing comes alive with the power of pedal cars. Families can race toward the finish line together, feeling the rush of speed as they pedal to the finish. Designed for legends-in-training with a need for speed, these pedal cars offer both physical and mental benefits for children and parents alike, providing a fun way to burn off energy and promote growth and development. With two lanes for children, two for adults, and one accessible lane, everyone can experience the excitement of racing to victory. Green means go as visitors power their way forward, feeling the adrenaline rush as they pedal harder toward the finish line.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Pedal Car Racetrack Experience

Rev your engines and race toward the checkered flag and victory in this exhilarating racing experience. Families can amp up their heart rates and engage their leg muscles pedaling power kid- and adult-sized pedal cars around the miniature Indianapolis Motor Speedway track. Legends-in-training with a need for speed can feel the adrenaline rush as they navigate the oval track beside a replica of the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway Pagoda. As kids and adults pedal harder, they will feel the speed build, creating an unforgettable racing experience. Wave the checkered flag and join us for a race where green means go and the need for speed is king. After crossing the mini yard of bricks, winners can celebrate in style with a unique photo opportunity in the Central Indiana Honda Dealers Winner’s Circle.

Pete and Alice Dye Golf Experience Presented by Henry and Christine Camferdam

Tee off at the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience® with two signature, nine-hole putting courses crafted by renowned golf architects Pete and Alice Dye. Unlike traditional mini golf, these courses offer pure putting challenges inspired by the Dyes’ most famous designs worldwide that feature rolling hills and bunkers for both amateur and pro players to enjoy. Practice putting skills on two additional nine-hole courses while embracing First Tee’s core values that foster integrity, sportsmanship, and perseverance. This unique golf experience invites legends-in-training to take a swing at greatness, with a separate toddler course providing oversized equipment for the littlest golfers. Tee it up and aim for that elusive hole-in-one on a course where every putt counts toward becoming a legend in the making.

Wiese Field donated by Elizabeth Bracken Wiese and J. Frederick Wiese Jr.

Step up to the plate and experience the thrill of baseball. Whether hitting a home run or practicing throwing a fastball, visitors can enjoy the excitement of the baseball diamond. This immersive experience offers opportunities to learn the mechanics of baseball, from pitching and batting to fielding the ball. Whether hitting off a tee or facing pitches from a coach or parent, everyone can participate in this fun-filled activity. Stress relief is just a swing away, as outdoor activities like baseball provide quality family time and relaxation. Do not miss the chance to hit a grand slam in this experience, where fans of all ages can pitch, hit, run bases, and catch the ball on a miniature baseball field.

Seymour and Rheta Holt Tennis Center 

Grab your racket and hit the courts for an ace tennis session. Warm up at the practice wall, perfecting your forehands and backhands before teaming up for a thrilling set of doubles. Modeled after the USTA’s “10 and Under Tennis” program, these courts are tailored for players of all ages and skill levels. Families can volley with forehand and backhand swings, honing agility skills with every quick change of direction. Tennis is not just fun; it is also a fantastic cardio workout that builds muscle tone, balance, and coordination. Start with larger rackets and balls on smaller courts, gradually progressing to standard equipment as skills improve. With coach-led training exercises available, you will be serving up aces in no time.

Jane and Steve Marmon Run-Walk Experience

Get moving with the whole family on the half-mile track. Whether strolling with a stroller or hitting the ground running, this track offers the perfect opportunity to stay active and enjoy quality time together. With separate lanes for jogging and walking, everyone can move at their own pace while exploring the perimeter of the sports park. Walking or jogging not only enhances cardiovascular health but also improves overall physical fitness and brain function over time. Designed with a durable, shock-absorbent rubber composite surface, this track ensures a comfortable and safe exercise experience for all ages. Lace-up your sneakers and join us for a refreshing jog or leisurely stroll that promotes family fitness and well-being.

Dr. Cory SerVaas Fitness Path

Get ready to exercise your entire body on this fun-filled fitness circuit. Designed for families to stay active together, it features multiple exercise stations spaced around the track with activities for all ages. Adults and children can work out side-by-side on identical fitness equipment, targeting the upper body, lower body, and core. Together, families can improve muscle strength, balance, coordination and flexibility while enjoying the outdoor setting. Join us for a fulfilling fitness journey and learn exercise tips from our partners at Riley Children’s Health as you walk, run, and exercise your way to better health and well-being.

Hershey USATF RunJumpThrow Experience.

USA Track & Field’s youth program created in partnership with The Hershey Company, RunJumpThrow (RJT), provides children with fun opportunities to learn and practice the foundational skills of all sports - running, jumping and throwing.

Old National Bank Sports Legends Avenue of Champions

Walk among 16 sculptures depicting some of the greatest athletes of all time. These legends have left a significant impression on sports history. Visitors can pose for photo memories alongside likenesses of: 

DaMarcus Beasley (soccer), Tamika Catchings (basketball), Indianapolis Clowns (baseball), Pete and Alice Dye (golf) A.J. Foyt (racing) Wayne Gretzky (hockey), Bobby "Slick" Leonard (basketball), Reggie Miller (basketball), Oscar Robertson (basketball), Wilma Rudolph (track), Reggie Wayne (football) and Barbara Wynne (tennis). Be inspired by their impact on sports history through their amazing stories.

The Children’s Museum Guild’s Tree of Sports

Experience the awe-inspiring tree that towers six stories into the sky and offers a thrilling climbing adventure for kids and adults alike. This 60-foot masterpiece, inspired by Disney's Tree of Life, invites visitors to climb among giant sports equipment carved into the trunk of the tree. From the top, enjoy panoramic views of the outdoor sports wonderland, with hidden slides providing fun for the littlest ones. Wheelchair accessible via an ADA-compliant lift, this tree features a playground-like climbing structure and multiple platforms for exploration that ignite the imagination. It promises an unforgettable adventure for all ages, promoting curiosity, confidence, and persistence in every climber.

Discover your strengths in a new sport or learn about a sport you love in a whole new way. Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience® is where legends begin.


At The Children’s Museum, it is important that everyone has the opportunity to play and learn through sports participation. All coaches at the sports park are trained to accommodate the needs of museum visitors. There is an increase in the amount of accessible equipment throughout the park, which includes sports-specific wheelchairs that are free for any visitor who would like to use one, accessible racing lanes made possible by the Tony Stewart Foundation.

Positive Coaching Alliance

To make sure every visitor gets an opportunity to play and has a positive experience doing so, The Children’s Museum partners with the Positive Coaching Alliance. The training ensures visitors know that effort is what matters most and that mistakes are all a part of the learning process. It is also important to note that here, smiles are more important than points on the board because when the goal is fun, everybody wins!

Know Before You Go:

Bring a refillable water bottle (no glass, please)Closed-toe shoes are required for both racing experiencesChildren under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times All equipment is provided by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Stop at Kohler Pavilion to get sized for proper golf equipment. Toddler equipment will be out and located at the toddler course.

The Sports Legends Experience is included with the price of admission to the museum so it is a two-fer!

Please keep in mind that all outdoor experiences are weather-dependent. Closed-toed shoes are required for racing. All sports equipment and balls are provided by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is proud to partner with Riley Children’s Health, Old National Bank, Ice Miller LLP and The Heritage Group.


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