What’s New at Wolf Park?

Joey Amato | January 30, 2021

Wolf Park is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to behavioral research, education and conservation, with the objective of improving the public’s understanding of wolves and the value they provide to our environment. Here are some exciting programs coming to Wolf Park this year.

Wine & Wolves

Visit Wolf Park for Wine & Wolves on either 2/12, 2/13, or 2/14. This romantic Valentine’s Day themed date night welcomes guests 21+ to sip wine while howling with the wolves. Tickets are limited. Get yours and learn more here: https://shop.wolfpark.org/products/wine-wolves-2021


Internationally renowned wolf photographer Monty Sloan calls Wolf Park home. Learn from this amazing professional photographer first-hand in a photography tour, session, or seminar. Learn more and register here: https://wolfpark.org/photography/


Wolf Park’s newly introduced workshops connect opposing fields for unique ways of experiencing the park. Register for Women’s Weekend, our Animal Oil Painting workshop, and more announced throughout the year here: https://wolfpark.org/workshops/


Are your little ones eager to learn about the wonders of wildlife? Perhaps your teens are curious about a career working with animals? Camps offer opportunities for those K-12 to connect with park species in a whole new light. Register here: https://wolfpark.org/summer-camps/

Speciality Tours (Currently Bison and Feeding)

Are you curious to see what a wolf eats? Maybe you’re more curious about herbivores like bison and how they navigate the landscape? Specialized tours such as the Feeding Tour and Bison Tour will give guests a closer look at topics covered in general tours along with unique behaviors associated with animal trainings and park feedings. Learn more and register for all tours here: https://wolfpark.org/programs/


From professionals to enthusiasts, those looking for an even more educational experience need to look no further. Wolf Park webinars and seminars offer guests specialized educational experiences. Although the pandemic has many set as virtual, you will note seminars later in 2021 offer in-person experiences. Dive in and learn more here: https://wolfpark.org/seminars/

Youth Programs

The brand new 8-week program “Next Generation Wildlife Advocates” will have high schoolers engaged in an immersive learning experience surrounding wildlife advocacy, research, behavior, and so much more. Apply here: https://wolfpark.org/youth/

All photos by Monty Sloan