Titus Bakery & Deli Opening Third Location Inside Reynolds Farm Equipment

Joey Amato | August 6, 2020

As a third-generation, family-owned business, Titus Bakery will open its third location inside the Reynolds Farm Equipment store in Atlanta, Ind. The bakery and deli will be located in the former Combine Cafe with operating hours of Monday – Saturday from 7 a.m. – 2 p.m.  Five new employees will serve Titus’ signature donuts, cakes and sandwiches but this will be the only location to serve breakfast sandwiches. 

“While this collaboration is somewhat unique, it stems from some elements common to both parties,” said Terry Rake, owner of Titus Bakery & Deli. “Each business is family-owned and has been passed on to succeeding generations.  We both have a long-standing presence in central Indiana and developed regional reputations for quality. While we are at different ends of the supply chain, we both are engaged in the production of food products in agricultural communities.”

For 40 years Titus Bakery has operated from its location in Lebanon, Ind. originally serving a variety of pastries. In 2012, founder Bill Titus decided to retire and enlisted the help of his daughter Terry Rake to find a buyer. However, Terry saw this as an opportunity to grow the business and keep it in the family. In addition to expanding hours and visibility, Terry began an extending offering of cakes, pies, cookies, other baked items and added a deli.

She then changed the name from Titus Pastries to Titus Bakery and added a location in Westfield, Ind.

For more information about Titus Bakery & Deli or Reynolds Farm Equipment, visit TitusBakery.com or ReynoldsFarmEquipment.com.

Titus Bakery & Deli  in partnership with Reynolds Farm Equipment

Grand opening on Monday, Aug. 10

Reynolds Farm Equipment, 1451 E. 276th St. Atlanta, Ind. 46031