The Cabaret Increases Health & Safety Measures

Joey Amato | July 15, 2020

Newly installed, state-of-the-art air purification system:
To help protect patrons from the COVID-19 virus, The Cabaret has recently installed the latest and most effective air cleaning system, “Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization,” in their facility.  The highest rated system of its kind, created by Global Plasma Solutions, has been labelled the “gold standard in air purification.” Test results show that the system safely cleans indoor air every 30 minutes and inactivates 99.4% of airborne coronavirus as well as other viruses, mold and bacteria. This system also produces neither ozone nor other harmful by-products.  

Restroom conversions to touch-free operation:
To facilitate the safe use of our guest restrooms at The Cabaret, they have retro-fitted restroom fixtures with touch-free hardware.  All toilets, urinals, water faucets, soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers will now accommodate touchless operation.

Pre-show prep:

  • All surfaces, door handles and restrooms sanitized
  • Lobby floor marked with tape in six-foot increments
  • No coat-check service available
  • Gallery 924 not open for viewing
  • Two standing hand sanitizer dispensers available – one in lobby, one inside theater entry
  • Lobby traffic flow:
    • Floor tape down the middle of the lobby from the front entry doors to the Cabaret entry to divide the walkway in half
    • Arrows on the floor will designate direction to travel: north side of walkway for entering the building and traveling to Cabaret entrance; south side of the walkway for exiting the Cabaret to the restrooms and to exit the building

Post-show cleaning:

  • All tablecloths discarded after show (no re-use)
  • Caterers and staff clean and sanitize all surfaces including bar, kitchen, tabletops, door handles and restrooms
  • A/V tech cleans and sanitizes sound booth, microphones, piano, stage furniture and mops stage floor
  • Theater is fogged with sanitizer machine

Photo by Dave Plumier