Social Impact Artwork Exterior Banner Contest: Call for Submissions

Joey Amato | July 2, 2021

The Nexus Impact Center in partnership with High Frequency Arts is seeking Indiana artists for a new external artwork banner project to promote social impact.

Nexus is accepting submissions for concepts for both traditional and nontraditional art. The winning piece
will be converted to an 18ft tall by 9ft wide banner on the west exterior of their I-465 building for one year.
The theme of the contest is “Equality for All.” Concepts should communicate equality defined as accessible
and inclusive. Artwork should project positive feelings of unity, community, and collaboration.

To elevate the work of Indiana Artists and engage them in social issues, Nexus will also choose up to 10
finalists who will be shared with the general public for public voting for a Viewer’s Choice winner. Viewer’s
Choice and the Overall Winning Artist will both receive cash and other prizes. The remaining finalists will all
get their pieces displayed and promoted, leading up to a Reveal Event on September 16th. Finalist art will
be sold in a silent auction at the Reveal Event. The Artists will receive 70% of the proceeds and get to
choose a social issue/organization to donate 30% of the proceeds.

Nexus Impact Center launched in January 2020 as a place where like-minded business owners and
nonprofit leaders could advance social issues by bringing together people from all different lifestyles,
circumstances, and beliefs and learn from one another to foster a collective spirit of creativity and
innovation. Nexus is deeply rooted in every person having value and purpose to be leveraged for good. The
Art contest is one way Nexus is working to inspire other businesses to engage in social impact regardless
of their trade or product.

The art contest is open to legal residents of Indiana, who are at least sixteen (16) years old.

The deadline to enter is July 26, 2021.Submission details and to enter the contest:

For more information about Nexus Impact Center: