Playbook of Proven Business Strategies Can Help You on Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Joey Amato | November 16, 2020

Jerry Rollins began his professional career as an “enforcer” — a major league hockey “tough guy” synonymous with aggressive play. When he put away his sticks for the last time, he had to reinvent himself. He built a new career from scratch, cutting his business teeth as an entry level salesman, all the while emulating mentors and building a marketable knowledge base. He eventually rose to positions (in various companies) that included VP of sales, president and CEO. Today, he coaches hundreds of entrepreneurs and CEOs on how to improve their businesses. Not bad for a high school dropout. So what’s his secret?

Rollins discovered that he didn’t need to reinvent the wheel to reinvent himself: successful business formulas already exist; it’s just a matter of identifying them and applying them.

By studying extraordinary people to learn how they became the best in their fields, along with recording every stage of his own progress — including the mistakes — Rollins has created a playbook of proven strategies to help others on their own entrepreneurial journeys.

In Enforcer to Entrepreneur: Achieving Hockey Stick Growth in Life, Business, and Sports, Rollins shares real stories about real companies that faced real challenges, with key concepts that have withstood the test of time, including systems used by the business elite to secure capital, avoid negative cash flow and overcome other occupational pitfalls.

Rollins also draws parallels between winning sports teams and successful companies, particularly when it comes to identifying winning talent, building great teams and developing effective playbooks — strategies to which he devotes entire chapters and outlines in detailed, easy-to-follow language.

He even addresses owners and CEOs who have met their financial goals and find themselves asking, Now what?, with candid tips to help them define success, work toward purpose and move from success to significance.

Whether you’re building a business from scratch or looking for ways to increase productivity or profits, you can make changes that will make a difference now using the strategies that Rollins outlines.

Author Jerry Rollins is the Co-Founder and Chairman of the Sage Executive Group, a Southern California based peer advisory group that helps CEOs, founders and executives achieve all around success by positively impacting their businesses, families and communities. The Group’s core philosophy in working with the region’s top executives is emphasizing strong values, encouraging business leaders to put people before profits, and learning to effectively balance business demands and responsibilities to family, community and health. Sage was born out of Rollins’ vision to provide a reliable platform for decision-makers to come together and connect with like-minded professionals to collaborate, learn and solve the most pressing issues.

His desire to coach and be coached began during his time as a professional hockey player for the World Hockey Association. Many of the values he cultivated as a professional athlete — focus, determination, perseverance and teamwork — carried over into his business career and helped him thrive in a highly competitive, results driven industry and gave him the motivation to achieve specific goals.

Over the past 30 years, he has served as the CEO and Advisory Board member of multiple organizations and helped execute rapid market turnarounds, build top performance sales teams, accelerate revenues and implement highly successful exit strategies for founders.

When not coaching executives, he enjoy readings — typically two to three books a week. He also loves cooking dinner for his wife and keeping fit by walking six miles every day.

“A mentor of mine Charles Red Scott said in business you need to keep your eye on the horizon and have plans if the unexpected occurs. The lesson I took away was to always have back up plans. Very appropriate in 2020 and has been useful throughout my career.”

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