International Marketplace Coalition to Begin Work on Developing Global Village

Joey Amato | November 2, 2019

Indy’s InternationalMarketplace Coalition will now begin planning a major renovation project to create a Global Village. The organization purchased a 56,000 square foot building, located at 4233 Lafayette Road (formerly Value City Furniture), that will be developed as a space where all cultures from around the world are welcomed, celebrated and experienced within a museum and other functional spaces.

“Our goal is to create a Global Village that showcases the awe of Disney’s Epcot Center, educational delivery of The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and functionality of a convention center – all with international flair,” said Mary Clark, executive director of Indy’s International Marketplace. “The Global Village will serve as the backbone of our community and further support on-going growth in our area. We are excited to present the Global Village – a place where all people are welcome”

Features include:

·       Museum including cultural pavilions representing inhabited continents

·       Demonstration kitchen

·       Event and conference rooms of various sizes

·       Dance studio

·       Audio/video studio for creative services

In a current 18-month period, the International Marketplace will benefit from more than $50 million in new development. Existing businesses have also invested more than $4 million to make improvements as a commitment to remain in the area.

The International Marketplace is defined as a 2.5-mile area within these boundaries: north: 46th Street and Lafayette Road; south: 34th Street and Lafayette Road; east:  38th Street and Commercial Drive and west: 38th Street and High School Road. This area is home to more than 100 ethnic restaurants, 40 markets and 80 businesses. Community members collectively speak and represent more than 80 languages.  Based on this diverse population, an estimated $100,000 in authentic artifacts have already been collected and donated for the museum portion.

Events hosted by the International Marketplace Coalition such as Taste the Difference Festival & Sister Cities Fest, International Women’s Gathering, Dine-in series and World Arts Expo will be held in the Global Village. Community organizations and members will also be able to rent and use space.

“Together, we are shrinking the globe and creating a village,” said Clark.

Indy’s International Marketplace will now begin a $12 million capital campaign to develop the Global Village. More information, renderings and details with building plans will be announced soon.

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